Come and watch as Knights and Squires in full armor step onto the battlefield to compete for the Grand Championship!  The Society for Creative Anachronisms, a worldwide Medieval and Renaissance organization based on researching and re-enacting cultures from between 600AD and 1600AD, will be holding their tournament of championships in 4 combat areas.

Come Earn the Horsemanship Merit Badge: Join other scouts to work on this merit badge conducted by trainers with horses from a local horse ranch.

Compete in a Trebuchet / Ballista / Catapult competition: Test your engineering skills! Build a catapult, trebuchet or ballista that can fling an apple farther than any other troop!

Units supply their own materials and either assemble on-site or bring it assembled. No requirements or specs… It’s about teamwork and teaching and understanding the mechanics of the device during your troop meetings leading up to the event then testing the construct in practice against other unit’s designs at the event.

Important Notes:


  • The Camporee will be Friday, October 21 – Sunday, October 23
  • The cost of the Camporee trip is $30 per Scout, and includes Cabin camping and meal costs.
  • The cost for the Camporee AND Horsemanship Merit badge is $75.
  • Please notify Scoutmaster Stors ASAP if you will be attending and/or taking the Horsemanship Merit Badge due to limited space.