Adult recognition

Certificates of appreciation from a yawgoog to Kevin and Jim

Kevin is now an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Youth Recognition

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster J.T. Scott recognized.  JT reviewed his recently approved Eagle Project to recap the band instrument storage in the Attleboro High School.

Outgoing Senior Patrol Leader James Stors.  Earned Honor Troop ribbon at Yawgoog this year. James had been appointed to Troop Guide.

Incoming Senior Patrol Leader Sebastian Meyers was sworn in.

Matt Scott has been elected into the youth leadership core as Quartermaster.

Patrol Leaders Matt Chin and Zachary Mouchery were sworn in to represent their individual patrols. Matt also earned rank of Star scout.

Assistant Patrol Leaders Cooper Shaum and Robby Meyers were sworn in. Robby also earned rank of Star scout.

Ben Signoff and Cooper have been appointed as Den Chiefs to Pack 24.

Alex Harrop was recognised for swimming the BSA Mile Swim.  He was the Grub master for the Webelos-o-ree and earned both 2nd Class and 1st Class scout. 

The following scouts were recognized National Outdoor Award for either Camping and/or Conservation.

Cooper Schaum, Matt Scott, Robby Meyers, Matt Chin, Alex Harrop, JT Scott, and James Stors.

World Conservation Award was awarded to Zach, Matt Scott, and Sebastian Meyers.

All boys in attendance earned various merit badges.