Troop 24 – Attleboro MA

Proudly representing Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in South Attleboro, MA


February 2019

Tubing Night

There is a snow tubing event at 6pm on Tuesday, February 18. Please try and arrive by 6pm, Mr. Myers will be buying all the tickets once everybody has arrived. Please look for him upon arrival. If you have not already signed the release of liability form see Mr. Myers when you arrive. Mr. Schaum highly suggests everybody that is tubing wear appropriate clothing. Hat, gloves, ski pants, boots, etc. Once you get wet and cold it will make for a miserable experience. Please keep an eye on the forecasted weather and plan your drive accordingly.

Borderland State Park: Review

Stopping for a break along the Split Rock Trail.
Ahh, Moyles Quarry.
Overlooking a pond.
Crossing a bridge over Puds Pond.

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